Your Authentic
Italian Restaurant in Leamington!

Tavola is a gem of Italian gastronomy in Leamington, celebrating the essence of traditional trattorias with a modern touch. It stands as a tribute to Italy’s rich culinary traditions, particularly from Rome and Northern Italy, emphasizing high-quality ingredients and genuine hospitality. Here, guests are welcomed as family into a cozy ambiance that encapsulates Italian warmth.

Our Head Chef, Martin Serafino from Tuscany, infuses passion into every dish, using top-tier ingredients from Italy and the finest local British produce. His commitment ensures every meal not only respects Italian traditions but also emphasizes the pure flavors of the ingredients.

Beyond the menu, Tavola strives to create an authentic Italian dining experience reminiscent of a family gathering, filled with laughter and lively conversations. It’s a place where every visit offers a delightful taste of Italy, ensuring a memorable meal whether it’s a casual visit or a special occasion.



At Tavola, our team is the heartbeat of our restaurant. United by a shared passion for exceptional food and genuine hospitality, each member brings their unique flair and dedication to the table. We are a diverse group of culinary experts, service professionals, and food enthusiasts who believe in the power of good food to unite people. Our spirited discussions about flavours, ingredients, and culinary techniques testify to our commitment to delivering an unparalleled dining experience. Our team works seamlessly from the kitchen to the dining room to ensure every guest feels valued and cared for. At Tavola, we don’t just serve meals; we create an atmosphere where guests can enjoy great food and company in a setting that feels like home.



At Tavola, we believe that the quality of our ingredients is paramount. This belief drives our relentless pursuit of the finest produce locally and from Italy, ensuring that every dish we serve meets our high standards. Our ingredients are carefully selected from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and sustainability. From the rich Pecorino cheese used in our dishes to the premium chicken that stars in our Pollo Milanese, each component is chosen for its superior quality and flavour. We also take pride in utilizing the best of British produce, embracing the bounty our local environment offers. This fusion of Italian and British excellence allows us to create dishes that are authentic and innovative, offering our guests a taste of Italy crafted with respect for both tradition and the finest ingredients available.

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